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Don’s Jerk Centre – “a yaso nice”

Authors: Cheraldine A-J Amaadzie and Cay Moore

Don’s Jerk Centre, located at 215 Streatham Road, Mitcham represents a perfect example of how vision, ambition, drive and determination can inspire you to great heights.

This takeaway restaurant is the brainchild of Donavan Howe and Anna Chandell Taylor, who for many years held a strong desire to own their own business.  Don, as he is commonly referred to and Anna were able to realize their dream on the 29th of June 2013, when Don’s Jerk Centre opened its doors to Mitcham residents.

Don, Anna, Jessie and the Team with customers looking on with the birthday cake, and the champagne!!

Established as a family business, the restaurant has fast become a favorite with the local community. This is attributable to the wonderful customer service, and the delicious authentic cuisine that is always on offer at this delightful restaurant. It is no surprise that several customers were on hand on Saturday 28th of June 2014 to join in the 1st anniversary celebrations and to wish Don and the team continued success.

L-R: Anna, Don, Cllr. Dehaney

Councillor John Dehaney, who gave a short address, praised Don and his team for all the hard work that has gone into seeing the business through its first year. He encouraged them to “stay focused and committed to their goal of becoming the preferred choice for delicious West Indian meals in London”.


Front Row (Right to Left): Don, Anna, Cllr Dehaney, Jessie and members of the Team with Likkle Minty – photographer (white shirt)                                                    Back Row (Left to Right): Rev. Cockfield, Cay Moore

Don’s Jerk Centre has now added a delivery service and a loyalty card scheme to the excellent services already on offer.

As part of their thank you speech to customers,  Don, Anna, sister Jessie and brother Gary encouraged everyone to continue supporting the restaurant and to spread the word that “a yaso nice” (interpreted in English this means “this place is nice”).

L-R: Gary and Cllr Dehaney looking on  as Don gets the Champagne ready!

If you missed the celebrations on the 28 of June 2014, then put a reminder in your diary for the dates 2 to 10 of August 2014 when the restaurant will put on a week of activities to mark the anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence which falls on the 6th of August.



don and minty

PHOTOGRAPHY: Likkle Minty Productions

L:R - Rev. Cockfield, Gary, Anna, Don and Cllr. Dehaney looking on as Cay Moore addresses the Special Guests and customers at the 1st Anniversary Celebrations of Don's Jerk Centre Takeaway Restaurant.

CAY MOORE EVENTS L:R – Rev. Cockfield, Gary, Anna, Don and Cllr. Dehaney looking on as Cay Moore addresses the Special Guests and customers at the 1st Anniversary Celebrations of Don’s Jerk Centre Takeaway Restaurant.


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So, What about …


This document is copyright Cay Moore Associates.  All Rights Reserved.
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2014 in review

One of my Promises to Me:  To blog more and some…

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The only way is Premae

“Big and Small are just words”, thus commented Clare Eluka during a conversation when someone inferred that launching into a new initiative can be quite daunting as the task or tasks at hand can seem so huge.  Clare’s words of advice were “Just do it!”  And coming from Clare, such words of encouragement should be like gold dust to a listening ear, since Clare’s achievements have been remarkable.

claire pic for blog

I first met Clare at a networking event and was impressed with the story of her journey into her chosen business venture.  A journey of faith, hope, passion and conviction.  It has been a true inspiration to watch her forge her way through a very unique and competitive niche market.  After all, the skin care and cosmetics industry though quite lucrative, is not only highly competitive but can also be difficult to infiltrate.  I am sure that Clare will be the first to admit that her rise to success has not been easy, but when you speak with her you get someone who is determined to make it against all odds.  What I like most about Clare is that she is not aloof, and success has not rendered her inaccessible.  She always acknowledges you online and offline and always with kind words and a beautiful smile.

I was really thrilled to have been able to attend the Grand Opening of Clare’s first flagship store on the ground floor of the Whiteleys Centre, Queensway, London.  I sense that this store is the first of many more to come.  Even more poignant though, was the comment of an Asian lady who was just passing by the store but felt compelled to stop by to say “you should all be very proud – first black skincare and cosmetics shop in England!”  Which brings me to a very important point, this lady said “WE SHOULD ALL  be very proud of Clare’s achievement”.


You see, this is the way that Asian people operate – when one of their own succeed, it is a triumph for ALL of them.  It follows therefore that if we (as black people) are proud of our own people’s success, then we should support them where possible especially if their products or services  are worthy of that support.

So, next time you are thinking of getting your skincare or makeup think PREMAE.  And if you were unlucky enough to miss the beautiful opening event, then do pop down to the store, you can still benefit from special offers and Clare and her team will be on hand to give excellent advice on the products.

Click here for a brief video of Premae’s opening event.


For more info:

General Enquiries:

Online Shop Enquiries:

Stockists & Wholesale:


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The Quest for Knowledge

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes”.
Peter Drucker

To be the best at what you do, your quest for knowledge should be unrelenting! I have always liked learning new things and from the time I was old enough to read I would spend hours reading anything I could get my hands on. Some things I understood first time round, others I understood better when I revisited them years later. I suppose you could call me a perpetual student!

My quest for knowledge has stood me in good stead over the years – and have allowed me to reinvent myself and or to adapt to new challenges as they come. I recall when I ventured out on my journey into self-employment I couldn’t get enough of what was then “Business Link”. I spent several hours a day trawling the web for anything that would inform my business plan.

I realised also that not everything I needed to know would be free, but that some information and or ‘know how’ came at a cost. So I set out my learning and development programme and earmarked the things that I would have to pay for immediately in order to present an authentic service to my prospective clients. I knew that in doing this, I would be investing in my future and in the sustainability of my business.

Over the years I have spent several hundred pounds on learning new skills and on my personal and professional development and I haven’t so far regretted a penny. And I will carry on spending where I need to, in order to grow and develop and be the best me.

There is also the investment in time and energy. Some of the events and training sessions that I attended involved trecking across London. I recall one such trek when I was attending Capel Manor College to undergo my 6 week floral decoration training. This involved three hours return each day on the Northern Line – longer if I had to take the bus. And… For one of those weeks it snowed all week – but I persevered because achieving that floristry qualification was part of my development plan.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, I am now in the business of offering professional services to self-employed and small business owners and I am flabbergasted at how many business owners scrimp at paying for their personal and business development. If it is not free, they are not interested.

I get requests like, “could you show me how to do that?” Or else, I get the “well it sounds really Interesting but I can’t afford it!” My services are ethically priced because I do take into account that startups in particular have challenging financial issues – after all, I was once a startup! Furthermore most of my services involve pro-bono elements and complimentary offers to carefully selected clients (under my “one good turn deserves another” policy). But I could never give away all my services for free, because that would diminish the value of my work!

My parting comment is “ignore your personal development at your peril – the saying knowledge is power is very true!”

Does anyone else out there have this problem? I would love to hear from you.

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The top legal issues facing self employed and small business owners in 2014

Being a self employed or a small business owner means that the buck stops with you, especially in the early days when you are the chief cook and bottle washer.  You wear all the hats, Director, Accountant, Lawyer, Receptionist, Administrator – you name it, you are it.  Pretty daunting, isn’t it?

In the corporate world, ignorance of the law is no excuse and so it is important that as small business owners we develop an awareness of the legal issues that matter and equip ourselves with at least a working knowledge of the relevant areas of the law.  This should form part of our professional development plan.

We are staging a series of Legal Seminars and Workshops that will aim to give self employed and small business owners an overview of various aspects of the law. The first in the series focuses on elements of Contract Law, you can find details here:

Of the following issues that we have identified as being key in 2014, which would you say mattered most to you? Please let us know by taking part in our Poll. Thanks in advance :-)

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Are you a completer/finisher?

It has been a bit of a revelation that very often when I am called in to work on a project, nine out of ten times, it’s because of unfinished work that started off brilliantly, but which fell by the way because there was no one there to see it through to its conclusion.  In today’s work place, everyone wants to be the ideas person, but no one want to do the work that is required to realise the idea.  Perhaps this is a reflection of society, where patience is not a virtue, and where everyone wants everything to be done immediately.

According to Belbin, my weaknesses as a completer/finisher are that I have a tendency to be over-anxious and have difficulty letting go and delegating work.  To a great extent this is true, since by nature I am quite an organised person, a bit of a perfectionist, and never one to leave anything unfinished.  And when it comes to delegating, well, I am rooted in the belief that no one can do ‘it’ better than I can!

Needless to say, I sometimes find it quite frustrating to design systems for businesses.  Clients do not always want perfection, they want quick fixes.  The challenge for me is to convince them that waiting that little bit longer, and perhaps spending that little bit extra is what’s needed to fix the problem in their business.  There have been the odd occasions where I have had to decline working on a project where I strongly suspect that doing so would compromise my standard of work.  And by the way, this nonchalant attitude is not limited to small businesses, bigger companies also have a less than professional approach to good systems and processes.

A completer/finisher values the satisfaction to be gained from planning a project, executing a project and then seeing it through to its conclusion.  Quite recently I was called in to design an administrative system for a small business.  When I arrived I did my diagnostic exercise and found that whilst there were some excellent ideas for systems and processes already in place, no one had spent the time to actually document and share these.  So in effect, the office was trudging along quite inefficiently.

Using information and other material that was already available from work that various members of staff had started but left unfinished, I was able to:

  • organise electronic and paper manuals setting out the systems and processes that underpin the business;
  • design templates for office documents
  • make recommendations for data security and
  • set up electronic calendars

All these documents and templates are now housed in shared electronic folders which means everyone in the business have access to the same information.  The result has been a definite increase in efficiency since far less time is wasted searching for documents, and duplicating processes.

I really do enjoy bringing order to organisational chaos.  And with today’s technology this is made so much easier with all the cloud computing programmes and simple software

English: Cloud Computing visual diagram

applications such as Microsoft Office that are available on the market.

So, are you a completer/finisher?  Is there a member of your team that you can rely on to complete projects?  If not, then you could be working harder but not smarter.  Hire a completer/finisher now and watch your business efficiency increase tenfold.

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This article has been brought to you by Cay Moore, Owner of Cay Moore Associates and Creative Director at Cay Moore Events

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“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

Spiders web

Spiders web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever heard that saying before? 


I have pondered over the last few weeks on the saga involving Vicky Price and Chris Huhne.  I know all the furore has died down now, but I couldn’t help thinking how aptly their situation demonstrates that lying and deception are never, ever the right option.


Apart from knowing that Chris Huhne was a Member of Parliament, I knew nothing of Vicky Price or the scandal that seems to have surrounded them both, prior to this penalty point saga.  I do think however, that the whole affair is quite sad, especially as the entire family, will most likely be negatively affected.


Vicky Price alleged that she was coerced into taking her husband’s speeding points.  The trial judge was not convinced.  However, approaching this from a completely feminine perspective, we will never know what pressure Vicky Price was subjected to before she agreed to this act.


From all the news reports, Vicky seems to have suffered most of the criticisms, while her husband whose original actions form the root of the affair seems to have received a more sympathetic response.  Much has been made of the fact that she is highly intelligent and should have known better.  But sometimes, when it comes to affairs of the heart, intelligence counts for nothing as some women who seem tough as nails in other aspects of their lives, are often soft as putty when it comes to emotional matters.


This penalty points incident happened ten years ago, when regardless of the state of their relationship, they were both living as husband and wife with a family unit to maintain.  Whilst not in any way meaning to condone some of her actions, we know very well, that women will go to any ends to protect their family, no less so in the circles in which these two parties operated.  After all, the political , personal and financial stakes for both of them were very high.


Then we have the issue of the husband’s affair, which ultimately led to the total breakdown of the marriage and which no doubt tipped her over the edge – ‘hell hath no fury than a woman scorned’ and woe betide the man who forgets that!


It is very hard to comment without sounding judgmental, but I have reflected on this issue from a christian perspective ever since it first came to light, and more so in the past few weeks since the trial.  And I have asked myself the question, what would I have done differently if I were Vicky Price?  I cast my mind back to an article I wrote in March of last year about our calling here on earth in our unique position as women.  That article extolled the virtues of being a Proverb 31 woman i.e. trustworthy, resourceful, industrious, generous, with excellent domestic as well as housekeeping skills, and a ‘fear of God’.


And so I would like to think that if I found myself in the same or similar situation as Vicky Price at any time in my life, that the last on the list of those virtues (‘fear of God’) would enable me to make the right decision.  But then, we are all human with all the human frailties that comes with the human condition!


May God strengthen us women to always make the right decisions whatever the                   circumstance.


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A Journey on the “Busyness” Bus to a Place called Park

email overload

Busy Busy Busy

Those of you who are business people will somehow resonate with this, I am sure.  Life as a business person gets so hectic, especially if you are a one man band.  So hectic in fact, that sometimes, driven by the adrenalin and the buzz that you get from building your business, you lose touch with your inner-self.  I guess that’s what happened to me just before Christmas. Things were going so well, business growing and expanding, plans for new projects in the pipeline and very much looking forward to the Christmas season.  But a visit to the doctor on account of a swollen knee, which then led to a Health MOT soon stopped me in my tracks!

Routine checks revealed that I was very anemic.  Blood transfusion was contemplated although thankfully not carried out.  But a stark warning to REST, drink lots of fluids especially water and a prescription of high dosages of folic acid and iron tablets meant that I had no choice but to heed the doctor’s orders.  This have meant absolutely no work, no social media and a reduction in my workload – except for honoring outstanding contracts.

So, for those of you who have wondered where I am, I have been resting at a “Place called Park”.

Just catching up slowly and with time enough to wish you all a fantastic New Year ahead, and to urge you to take regular stops on your journey on the “Busyness Bus”, otherwise you too might end up at a “Place called Park”.  Which mind you is not a bad place to visit when all is said and done, albeit not under the same circumstances that got me there!

Wishing you all a Blessed 2013

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PS – If you haven’t had a health MOT – especially if you are over 40 years old, then I urge you to have one done now.  Getting regular checks will avoid any nasty surprises.  But most importantly, listen to your body.

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So, last year I posted this very sceptical blog on the ‘unholy alliance’ between Cam and Clegg. I think, a vast multitude of you will join me in saying that we are not surprised as to how things are panning out as the results in the recent May elections showed.

OK. let’s do the autopsy. How long has this marriage been? I have lost track, it has been such a loveless, lacklustre, boring affair that anniversay date has gone unnoticed for me. You see, this ‘coalition thing’ has been the type of marriage that no-one in the family wants but the couple decides they are going to do it anyway? You know the type I am talking about don’t you – every family has at least one of these to contend with. It’s the type of marriage where when there is a family gathering, and the said couple enters the room, all the “aunties” (and sometimes some uncles) huddle in a corner, give each other the eye, push their mouths up at the couple and snigger under their breath. And doesn’t this ‘alliance’ between Cam and Clegg falter under scrutiny!

In contrast to the image last year or whenever it was, where they strolled out to the Gardens all smiles, to meet reporters and to announce their ‘marriage’, quite recently, the body language has been markedly different. They stand poles apart at News Conferences, they speak separately, not in unison anymore.

However, one thing that has remained the same is Cameron’s aggressive stance and Clegg’s subdued, defeatest demeanor. But what did we expect? In my blog last year, or whenever it was, I observed the coalition as an ‘unholy alliance with the balance of power firmly tipped in favour of Cameron.

So now, what we have are all the aunties in both camps (i.e. the people including you and me who voted in the May elections) wagging a finger, giving each other the eye, pushing up our mouths and saying loud and clear as the aunties do “we told you so!”

So once again, don’t let your business be a victim of the Cam and Clegg effect – remind yourself of the things to consider before you partner with anyone that I set out in my blog last year or whenever it was and be careful where you lay your bed!

This Blog Post is a ‘tongue in cheek commentary on the Coalition governmet. The views are my personal views and do not reflect those of Cay Moore’s Associates.

Originally posted on Cay_Moore:

Call me a sceptic, but from the moment I saw Cam and Clegg in that garden on the evening of the election results last year, I knew something was very odd.  Well, apart from the fact that they look as if they were somehow related by blood!

You see two things came to my mind at the time:

  1. Cameron is too much of a strong personality to really want a coalition government, and the converse could be said of Clegg – too “soft” to handle Cam.
  2. This coalition is an unholy alliance that would end in tears.  You know, the kind of relationship that you try to warn your best friend about, because you have a gut feeling that it won’t work?

One year on, and it seems that my instincts were right.  Cam and Clegg aka Tory and Lib Dem do not present a perfect fit.  I don’t care…

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