Capel Manor, here I come…

Cay Moore, Basic Author

We believe that a very important aspect of keeping yourself as business owners enthused, excited and on top of your game is continuous professional development. Whatever your profession or vocation, you must keep on top of your game in order to retain your clients. Your competitiveness will be defined by how best you can provide products and services for your clients as compared to that provided by your competitors.

A strong believer in the maxim “you must practice what you preach” we have been very busy here at Cay Moore Associates. In our line of business, the last few months have been relatively quiet, and so, rather than rest on our laurels, we have been busy attending targeted networking events both online and offline so that we keep in touch with the movers and shakers in the business world.

We have a number of exciting new projects lined up for you which we know will add real value to your businesses. If you haven’t already done so, sign up to our news and views publication so that you can be the first to know about events as they unfold. Just email   There are lots of discounts for early birds!

One of the advantages of the career change that I have made in the last year in order to set up Cay Moore Associates is the pure joy and pleasure that I now get from what I do. Yes, I did get satisfaction from my previous jobs in employment, and I did always receive commendations and positive feedback from my clients then. But the difference there was that the ultimate benefits of my labour went to someone else. Now as a self-employed services provider, I am doing only those things that I really enjoy, those things that tap into my creative juices, fuse with my organisational skills and make me feel, well “warm inside”.

One such thing that really makes me feel warm inside is my floral decorating.  To that end I will be spending a few months (starting next week Monday) at the prestigious Capel Manor College of Horticulture and Floristry, honing my skills, and satisfying those creative juices, just so that I can bring you even more magical floral décor for the new wedding season, and indeed over the festive period. If time permits, I might just share some of my experiences with you as I go along through my blog, but not promising as I might be just too busy!

The college itself is set in beautiful grounds, including its own garden and a terraced restaurant.  It is open to the public all year round.  Click here for details of whats on at Capel Manor for the rest of the year.

(The above pictures taken from sections of the garden at Capel Manor)

Speak soon.

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About Cay

Dynamic, innovative, creative, multi-skilled, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable - these are just some of the words that you could use to describe me. I am Cay Moore, Owner of Cay Moore Associates. I am a Christian and take an active role in community issues. I am married and have three gorgeous children who together with my husband, challenge, inspire and motivate me every day! I enjoy working and sharing my experiences with people. Leveraging my many years of experience gained from working in various capacities in England and abroad, I work with businesses and individuals to bring order to chaos and solutions to dilemmas. Contact me to see how Cay Moore Associates and/or Cay Moore Events Management could be of help to you. With best wishes for your business and personal success. Cay Owner, Cay Moore Associates email: twitter: @Cay_Moore skype: cay.mooreassociates
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