So, last year I posted this very sceptical blog on the ‘unholy alliance’ between Cam and Clegg. I think, a vast multitude of you will join me in saying that we are not surprised as to how things are panning out as the results in the recent May elections showed.

OK. let’s do the autopsy. How long has this marriage been? I have lost track, it has been such a loveless, lacklustre, boring affair that anniversay date has gone unnoticed for me. You see, this ‘coalition thing’ has been the type of marriage that no-one in the family wants but the couple decides they are going to do it anyway? You know the type I am talking about don’t you – every family has at least one of these to contend with. It’s the type of marriage where when there is a family gathering, and the said couple enters the room, all the “aunties” (and sometimes some uncles) huddle in a corner, give each other the eye, push their mouths up at the couple and snigger under their breath. And doesn’t this ‘alliance’ between Cam and Clegg falter under scrutiny!

In contrast to the image last year or whenever it was, where they strolled out to the Gardens all smiles, to meet reporters and to announce their ‘marriage’, quite recently, the body language has been markedly different. They stand poles apart at News Conferences, they speak separately, not in unison anymore.

However, one thing that has remained the same is Cameron’s aggressive stance and Clegg’s subdued, defeatest demeanor. But what did we expect? In my blog last year, or whenever it was, I observed the coalition as an ‘unholy alliance with the balance of power firmly tipped in favour of Cameron.

So now, what we have are all the aunties in both camps (i.e. the people including you and me who voted in the May elections) wagging a finger, giving each other the eye, pushing up our mouths and saying loud and clear as the aunties do “we told you so!”

So once again, don’t let your business be a victim of the Cam and Clegg effect – remind yourself of the things to consider before you partner with anyone that I set out in my blog last year or whenever it was and be careful where you lay your bed!

This Blog Post is a ‘tongue in cheek commentary on the Coalition governmet. The views are my personal views and do not reflect those of Cay Moore’s Associates.


Call me a sceptic, but from the moment I saw Cam and Clegg in that garden on the evening of the election results last year, I knew something was very odd.  Well, apart from the fact that they look as if they were somehow related by blood!

You see two things came to my mind at the time:

  1. Cameron is too much of a strong personality to really want a coalition government, and the converse could be said of Clegg – too “soft” to handle Cam.
  2. This coalition is an unholy alliance that would end in tears.  You know, the kind of relationship that you try to warn your best friend about, because you have a gut feeling that it won’t work?

One year on, and it seems that my instincts were right.  Cam and Clegg aka Tory and Lib Dem do not present a perfect fit.  I don’t care…

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