Are you a completer/finisher?

It has been a bit of a revelation that very often when I am called in to work on a project, nine out of ten times, it’s because of unfinished work that started off brilliantly, but which fell by the way because there was no one there to see it through to its conclusion.  In today’s work place, everyone wants to be the ideas person, but no one want to do the work that is required to realise the idea.  Perhaps this is a reflection of society, where patience is not a virtue, and where everyone wants everything to be done immediately.

According to Belbin, my weaknesses as a completer/finisher are that I have a tendency to be over-anxious and have difficulty letting go and delegating work.  To a great extent this is true, since by nature I am quite an organised person, a bit of a perfectionist, and never one to leave anything unfinished.  And when it comes to delegating, well, I am rooted in the belief that no one can do ‘it’ better than I can!

Needless to say, I sometimes find it quite frustrating to design systems for businesses.  Clients do not always want perfection, they want quick fixes.  The challenge for me is to convince them that waiting that little bit longer, and perhaps spending that little bit extra is what’s needed to fix the problem in their business.  There have been the odd occasions where I have had to decline working on a project where I strongly suspect that doing so would compromise my standard of work.  And by the way, this nonchalant attitude is not limited to small businesses, bigger companies also have a less than professional approach to good systems and processes.

A completer/finisher values the satisfaction to be gained from planning a project, executing a project and then seeing it through to its conclusion.  Quite recently I was called in to design an administrative system for a small business.  When I arrived I did my diagnostic exercise and found that whilst there were some excellent ideas for systems and processes already in place, no one had spent the time to actually document and share these.  So in effect, the office was trudging along quite inefficiently.

Using information and other material that was already available from work that various members of staff had started but left unfinished, I was able to:

  • organise electronic and paper manuals setting out the systems and processes that underpin the business;
  • design templates for office documents
  • make recommendations for data security and
  • set up electronic calendars

All these documents and templates are now housed in shared electronic folders which means everyone in the business have access to the same information.  The result has been a definite increase in efficiency since far less time is wasted searching for documents, and duplicating processes.

I really do enjoy bringing order to organisational chaos.  And with today’s technology this is made so much easier with all the cloud computing programmes and simple software

English: Cloud Computing visual diagram

applications such as Microsoft Office that are available on the market.

So, are you a completer/finisher?  Is there a member of your team that you can rely on to complete projects?  If not, then you could be working harder but not smarter.  Hire a completer/finisher now and watch your business efficiency increase tenfold.

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This article has been brought to you by Cay Moore, Owner of Cay Moore Associates and Creative Director at Cay Moore Events

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