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Don’s Jerk Centre – “a yaso nice”

Authors: Cheraldine A-J Amaadzie and Cay Moore

Don’s Jerk Centre, located at 215 Streatham Road, Mitcham represents a perfect example of how vision, ambition, drive and determination can inspire you to great heights.

This takeaway restaurant is the brainchild of Donavan Howe and Anna Chandell Taylor, who for many years held a strong desire to own their own business.  Don, as he is commonly referred to and Anna were able to realize their dream on the 29th of June 2013, when Don’s Jerk Centre opened its doors to Mitcham residents.

Don, Anna, Jessie and the Team with customers looking on with the birthday cake, and the champagne!!

Established as a family business, the restaurant has fast become a favorite with the local community. This is attributable to the wonderful customer service, and the delicious authentic cuisine that is always on offer at this delightful restaurant. It is no surprise that several customers were on hand on Saturday 28th of June 2014 to join in the 1st anniversary celebrations and to wish Don and the team continued success.

L-R: Anna, Don, Cllr. Dehaney

Councillor John Dehaney, who gave a short address, praised Don and his team for all the hard work that has gone into seeing the business through its first year. He encouraged them to “stay focused and committed to their goal of becoming the preferred choice for delicious West Indian meals in London”.


Front Row (Right to Left): Don, Anna, Cllr Dehaney, Jessie and members of the Team with Likkle Minty – photographer (white shirt)                                                    Back Row (Left to Right): Rev. Cockfield, Cay Moore

Don’s Jerk Centre has now added a delivery service and a loyalty card scheme to the excellent services already on offer.

As part of their thank you speech to customers,  Don, Anna, sister Jessie and brother Gary encouraged everyone to continue supporting the restaurant and to spread the word that “a yaso nice” (interpreted in English this means “this place is nice”).

L-R: Gary and Cllr Dehaney looking on  as Don gets the Champagne ready!

If you missed the celebrations on the 28 of June 2014, then put a reminder in your diary for the dates 2 to 10 of August 2014 when the restaurant will put on a week of activities to mark the anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence which falls on the 6th of August.



don and minty

PHOTOGRAPHY: Likkle Minty Productions

L:R - Rev. Cockfield, Gary, Anna, Don and Cllr. Dehaney looking on as Cay Moore addresses the Special Guests and customers at the 1st Anniversary Celebrations of Don's Jerk Centre Takeaway Restaurant.

CAY MOORE EVENTS L:R – Rev. Cockfield, Gary, Anna, Don and Cllr. Dehaney looking on as Cay Moore addresses the Special Guests and customers at the 1st Anniversary Celebrations of Don’s Jerk Centre Takeaway Restaurant.


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