The only way is Premae

“Big and Small are just words”, thus commented Clare Eluka during a conversation when someone inferred that launching into a new initiative can be quite daunting as the task or tasks at hand can seem so huge.  Clare’s words of advice were “Just do it!”  And coming from Clare, such words of encouragement should be like gold dust to a listening ear, since Clare’s achievements have been remarkable.

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I first met Clare at a networking event and was impressed with the story of her journey into her chosen business venture.  A journey of faith, hope, passion and conviction.  It has been a true inspiration to watch her forge her way through a very unique and competitive niche market.  After all, the skin care and cosmetics industry though quite lucrative, is not only highly competitive but can also be difficult to infiltrate.  I am sure that Clare will be the first to admit that her rise to success has not been easy, but when you speak with her you get someone who is determined to make it against all odds.  What I like most about Clare is that she is not aloof, and success has not rendered her inaccessible.  She always acknowledges you online and offline and always with kind words and a beautiful smile.

I was really thrilled to have been able to attend the Grand Opening of Clare’s first flagship store on the ground floor of the Whiteleys Centre, Queensway, London.  I sense that this store is the first of many more to come.  Even more poignant though, was the comment of an Asian lady who was just passing by the store but felt compelled to stop by to say “you should all be very proud – first black skincare and cosmetics shop in England!”  Which brings me to a very important point, this lady said “WE SHOULD ALL  be very proud of Clare’s achievement”.


You see, this is the way that Asian people operate – when one of their own succeed, it is a triumph for ALL of them.  It follows therefore that if we (as black people) are proud of our own people’s success, then we should support them where possible especially if their products or services  are worthy of that support.

So, next time you are thinking of getting your skincare or makeup think PREMAE.  And if you were unlucky enough to miss the beautiful opening event, then do pop down to the store, you can still benefit from special offers and Clare and her team will be on hand to give excellent advice on the products.

Click here for a brief video of Premae’s opening event.


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