There is Life after Redundancy II

Six years ago on the 31 July 2009, I was faced with a redundancy situation and chose to make the brave decision to opt for the redundancy. It was one of the best decisions I made, since it turned out to be the catalyst for a powerful and fulfilling change in my career path.   I wrote about this experience on my blog on the 12 April 2012 – read about it here.

Although I did not know then, exactly how I was going to forge my future, I knew that I wanted to take a chance and do something different, something that would make all my years of experience and the knowledge I had acquired over the years, count for something. How right I was.  You see that decision resulted in me doing some remarkable things and meeting some remarkable people – something that would not have happened if I had stayed in that nine to five job.

Every year since 2010 on the 31 July, I have marked that date in some way. This year, being the 5th anniversary of my actual sojourn into self employment, I wanted to do something more special, and so I did!  I hosted an evening of fellowship under the banner “Women who Inspire“.

Themed around a selection of poems taken from books written and published by the uber talented Jacqueline Ewers – author and owner of publishing company JewelMark Press.  I invited several women (from various aspects of my business and personal life) to each read a poem from fifteen poems selected by Jacqueline herself.

women who inspire

Women Who Inspire 2015

I need to mention here, that Jacqueline was also one of the people who were threatened with redundancy from the same organisation at the same time.

Might I also mention, that it was quite a challenge selecting the women, since there have been so many women over the past five years who have really influenced and impacted my journey.

Feedback on the 2015 event has been absolutely incredible.  Participants and guests alike have commented on how wonderful an evening it was.  Already I am being asked for the date of the next event!   If you are reading this, and especially if you have crossed my path on or offline over the last five years, watch out – as I am coming to get you for Women who Inspire 2016.  Don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation round about the same time next year to “Come Dine with Cay” where you will be asked to read a poem or some similar inspirational piece.

Once I have received some pictures from the photographer and gathered all the feedback, I will share more about the event, and also some of my plans for the next five years, God’s willing.

I couldn’t say thank you’s without mentioning a few other people who helped to make the evening so successful:

Abigail Armar for the delicious food;

Jean, Jodine, Dianne, Evette and Yvonne for providing hospitality;

Nii Armar, Johnson A and Coby Armar for their “media services”;

the wonderfully engaging audience that encouraged the readers throughout the evening;

and last of all my fabulous husband Alex Amaadzie and my children Alexandra, Errol and Cheraldine for fully supporting me while I engage in these philanthropic activities and ventures!

Fuller write up with pictures of the evening etc., coming soon.

Love and Blessings,

Cay Xxx

PS: If you are facing redundancy or are at risk of redundancy, remember these words from the Holy Book:  Psalm 20:4  “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed”.

About Cay

Dynamic, innovative, creative, multi-skilled, trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable - these are just some of the words that you could use to describe me. I am Cay Moore, Owner of Cay Moore Associates. I am a Christian and take an active role in community issues. I am married and have three gorgeous children who together with my husband, challenge, inspire and motivate me every day! I enjoy working and sharing my experiences with people. Leveraging my many years of experience gained from working in various capacities in England and abroad, I work with businesses and individuals to bring order to chaos and solutions to dilemmas. Contact me to see how Cay Moore Associates and/or Cay Moore Events Management could be of help to you. With best wishes for your business and personal success. Cay Owner, Cay Moore Associates email: twitter: @Cay_Moore skype: cay.mooreassociates
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