Presentation Skills – how savvy are you?


Image by Gen Kanai via Flickr

Earlier today I listened to a webinar hosted by Scott Schwertly, Founder, Ethos3
on how to deliver an excellent Presentation.

It was so good, I thought I would share some snippets here for those of you who are unable to spare an hour to listen to the whole ‘shebang’.

If you can, it is well worth a listen to, so click here  to download the full webinar.


The three main parts of any presentation are the

  • Content
  • Design
  • Delivery
Credibility is King; Know your audience; Planning is King
Simplicity is the key
Understanding fear; Power of perception; Beyond the message
  • Write like you speak;
  • Be as clear as you can;
  • Pretend you are talking to a child;
  • Break up your content;
  • Keep it simple, short and to the point;
  • Planning is King!
  • Determine your objective;
  • Develop a theme;
  • Outline your content
  • Preview it; Tell it; Review it
  • Less is more;
  • Break things up: don’t be afraid to have multiple slides for each point;
  • Choose colour scheme carefully – black, dark blue and purple are good colours
  • Use photography with typography
  • Use one of the four design styles namely:
    • Godin method, which uses mainly images
    • Takahashi method which uses mainly big texts
    • Multiple slides approach where you use one slide for each key message
    • Kawasaki method which states that a good presentation should use no more than 10 slides, lasts no longer than twenty minutes and use nothing less than a 30 point font
  • Acknowledge that everyone gets anxious, so practise, practise, practise; exercise or do whatever else that helps to relax you!
  • Perception – your delegates will be judging you based on what they see and hear so:
  • Overdress, but beware too much jewellery or makeup,
  • Iron your clothes;
  • Empty your pockets;
  • Turn off technology;
  • Be on time – one hour early is good;
  • Provide quality hand-outs;
  • Double check technology;
  • Have multiple back-up plans;
  • Prepare an opening and a closing remarks.
  • Opening remarks –          some tips:
  • Tell a story;
  • Ask a question;
  • Quote someone;
  • Share extra-ordinary info about ordinary things;
  • Be retrospective or prospective                          
  • Closing remarks – some tips:
  • Call to action;
  • Circle back;
  • Start and end in the same way;
  • Build up to something
Beyond the message
Beware your:

  • Tone
  • Confidence
  • Eye contact
  • Body language
Online software:

  • Slide rocket
  • Prezi
  • Photos – istock/fotolia
  • Videos – YouTube/Vimeo


Slide Share

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The Clegg Effect – coming to a business near you?

Call me a sceptic, but from the moment I saw Cam and Clegg in that garden on the evening of the election results last year, I knew something was very odd.  Well, apart from the fact that they look as if they were somehow related by blood!

You see two things came to my mind at the time:

  1. Cameron is too much of a strong personality to really want a coalition government, and the converse could be said of Clegg – too “soft” to handle Cam.
  2. This coalition is an unholy alliance that would end in tears.  You know, the kind of relationship that you try to warn your best friend about, because you have a gut feeling that it won’t work?

One year on, and it seems that my instincts were right.  Cam and Clegg aka Tory and Lib Dem do not present a perfect fit.  I don’t care what the theory says, but in practice there is a complete imbalance in the allocation of power, tipped totally in favour of Cameron and the Tories.

So what is in it for Clegg?  How can and will his ambitions be fulfilled through this coalition?  The recent results at the May Polls, especially in respect of his brain child the AV referendum showed that he failed miserably in his quest to exert his influence.  Was that a reflection on him personally, or on the Lib Dem’s party’s policies and politics?

I am sure by now you are thinking “why is she going on about this, what has it got to do with me?”  Well, from my point of view, if you are an entrepreneur/business person you need to take heed.

The current economic climate augers for joint ventures, collaborations and all other kinds of working relationships.  However, if you are considering entering into any such arrangements, you would be well advised to heed the following points:

  • Does your personality, ethos match that of the business or individual that you wish to collaborate with?  Are you a perfect fit?
  • What do you want to gain from this relationship?
  • How will you go about ensuring that the venture looks and feels more like a win/win situation?
  • How far will you have to compromise and are you willing to do so, even to the detriment of your business and professional standing?
  • Make sure that any such arrangement is put in writing!

What are some of the pre-requisites for a good joint venture relationship?  Have you had any nightmare stories?  Let’s share them here!

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Events Management now has its own Blog

As part of my decision to take part in the ‘post more’ in 2011 challenge, I have now started a new Blog for the Events Management section of my business where all future articles about Events Management will be posted.

So, with two Blogs going I am definitely up for the challenge!

You can find it here:

Thanks for reading.

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New Year, New Resolution?

To post at least once a week in 2011!

2010 was about feeling my way round the social networking scene.  I am not perfect yet, but  I think I understand enough now to ‘up the tempo’ and start blogging more.  So rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011 (no pressure!)

The good thing is the lovely people at WordPress will be helping me along the way with a variety of tools. I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.  If, like me you don’t blog enough, then come and take the challenge.  Let’s do it together!

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A ride down the River Nile in Joanna Lumley’s style!

As my “young adults” were at home last week, I decided to spend some time watching some television with them, in between our other activities.  No, not Disney Channel, not the Khardashians, not BET, instead, rather unwillingly, we ‘stumbled upon’ Joanna Lumley’s documentary on her trip down the River Nile (previously shown in April of this year).  Really enlightening stuff.  Africa is full of such rich history, that surely, civilisation must truly have started there.  It doesn’t matter which part of Africa they choose to document, there is always astonishing revelations.

Being Joanna, with her entourage and special privileges, she was obviously entertained in a way no normal tourists would have been.  So if you are interested in finding out more about the mysteries of the River Nile, and the people who live there, then do catch up with this documentary (DVD, ITV Player or I am sure it will be repeated again on ITV).

Anyway, some of the gems that we gathered include:

  • The Nubian Royals who ruled for centuries and how they were buried in the pyramids.  There were women among them, and some of them were warriors – beautiful, brave and astute!
  • In Ethiopia they have their own language Amharic based on their own alphabet
  • In Ethiopia they have their own Calendar which is seven years behind the rest of the Western World!
  • The national dish in Ethiopia is Injera .  It looks like pancake, but it is not pancake, and they tend to have it cold rather than hot.  Joanna had a bit with spicy potato and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • There is a local alcoholic drink called Tej which is an Ethiopian wine made with honey, water and gesho.  This drink is mainly available from a “tej bet,” or “tej house,” a commercial establishment, very often owned and operated by a woman, that specializes in serving tej.  I suppose if you are from Jamaica this drink would be tantamount to “fire water”, if you are from Ghana it would be tantamount to “aperteshi”.  Put it this way, there is a “Tej” in most countries!  Obviously, good old Jo had a sip, and describing it as sour/sweet and potent, she lapped it up and exclaimed that it was “gorgeous”.
  • There is an unusual beauty treatment called a ‘Dukhan’, which Sudanese brides take part in as they prepare for their wedding and then after childbirth and regularly through their married lives.  The treatment is associated with sensuality and eroticism, as well as with cleansing and smoothing a woman’s skin. It is such an unusual treatment that I couldn’t find much information about it on the internet.   But a pot is buried in the ground, surrounded with what looks like the rim of a large straw hat.  What seems to be hot smoking coal is placed in the pot and then a firm chair with seat removed is  placed over this ‘equipment’  the woman then sits on the chair frame ( with no underwear – I think Jo kept most of her clothes on).  Oils are rubbed into the lady’s feet, and a sandalwood burner placed near her.  This treatment is meant to cleanse, freshen and “tighten  the area”!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Anyway, if there are any readers with first hand experience, please do enlighten and correct me.
  • Joanna met up with the Simien Girl Runners.  A group of girls from the market town who are poor and ill equipped with the normal tools that athletes need but are determined to make it to the Olympics.
  • We learnt a piece of news which I am sure will upset the Rastafarians around the world – unless of course I have missed the point.  Rastafarians claim Haile Selassie as their God, but Ethiopia is a mainly christian country which has Saint George as their Patron Saint!  Anyway, Jo went to visit the Island with traditional monasteries and then went on to visit the Healing Springs.  To her utmost surprise, she was baptised by the Priest there, and given a new name “Welete Tsadick” meaning Child of the Righteous.  So Jo, as you are born again, no more of your Absolutely Fabulous antics!
  • Next stop for Jo was Southern Sudan, to chat to some beauty queens who were busy getting ready for the national beauty pageant.  She marvelled at the simplicity of the girls beauty regime – a bit of powder, some makeup and a little lipstick and they were done!
  • Then on to the Wild Life Reservation in Uganda where she met some very rare animals including the rare hippopotamus whose only surviving relative is the whale; the largest, rarest, extra ordinary bird which lives up to fifty years and which looks more like an animal than a bird; the Nile crocodile, one of the world’s oldest specie of animals (Jo reliably tells us that the Nile Crocodile actually outlived the dinosaurs).  In response to Joanna’s question about why the crocodile sat with its mouth open, the guide simply replied, “temperature regulation”, I thought that was hilarious.
  • It was now time for some “drama” starting with Jo’s cars getting stuck in mud and having to be dug out and pushed by the local people on their way to visit a Rhinoceros called Bella and her baby.  Bella was very protective of her baby and did not really appreciate the visit, so she kept moving towards the visitors in a very threatening way.  The Guide was very competent however, at controlling Bella.  On a lighter note, at one point, Bella passed wind and in the politest voice, Jo quipped, “well there is a Rhino’s fart!”
  • Then on they went to the final leg of the trip, to find the spot which has been designated the Source of the Nile, and which was “discovered” by explorer Cam McKay and his team.  Donning her wellies and her hat, Jo took one look at her Versace Glasses and said, “I think not”.  They followed the Rukarara River, literally chopping their way through the forestry along the river bank.  I take my hat off to Jo, because at her age I think she did really well.  Several times her wellies  got stuck in the mud, but she just laughed at herself and kept going.  Imagine the look on Jo’s face,when after two hours of trekking through treacherous swampy bush, Cam confessed that he had mucked up the orienteering, and so they had to go back.  Another three hours later, they were still at it and just when Jo appeared to be reaching breaking point, Bingo, there it was, the source of the river Nile, 4199 miles from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The show ended with Jo setting a wooden caricature of a little man in a canoe downstream on his Journey from the Source of the Nile to the Mediterranean Sea.   I wonder if we will get to know where the man ends up!

Absolutely fabulous documentary that shows Joanna at her very mellow, but entertaining best.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: for the link to Amharic for the link to the Calendar for the link to Injera,25119 for the link to the Dukhan for Video link to Simien Girl Runners
Images courtesy of Google Images, Amazon, ITV player


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With all good wishes for a Blessed New Year

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I know I will get busy later, as I am carrying out Verger Services for a Wedding (not planning this one)at the Church where I worship, visiting family where one of the children is celebrating his 5th birthday and then back to my Church to ring in the New Year with my Church Family.

So I am posting this early, as I don't want to be late with wishing you all the best for 2011.

A New Year Prayer: author unknown

May God make your year a happy one!

Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain,

But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;

Not by making your path easy,

But by making you sturdy to travel any path;

Not by taking hardships from you,

But by taking fear from your heart;

Not by granting you unbroken sunshine,

But by keeping your face bright, even in the shadows;

Not by making your life always pleasant,

But by showing you when people and their causes need you most,

and by making you anxious to be there to help.

God’s Love, Peace, Hope and Joy to you for the year ahead.


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Faith in humanity confirmed

This is a Blackberry smart phone.

It belongs to my daughter, or rather, my daughter belongs to it. She cannot move without it attached to some part of her body – her ears, her hip, her lips, her pocket, her handbag, and definitely always in her hand.

So, on Saturday 18th December when she lost it on her way to work, naturally, her world ended. “It’s got all my life history on it Mom” (life history at 19 years old!). “My Uni notes, my pics, my texts,my pings” and some other mys that I have no idea what she is talking about. So she reported it to the police station, and she asked T-Mobile to block the sim card.

Needless, to say it was doom and gloom in the house. No tantrums, just a silence that portrayed more of her dismay than any tantrum would have. I felt really sad for her. We began to speculate as to where it could be. She knew she had it in her dad’s car – he had given her a lift to work, but she can’t remember much after that. She realised she didn’t have it as she was about to enter the doors of her workplace and attempted to put it on silent.

“A blackberry, no one’s going to hand that in”; “Christmas has come early for someone!” were just some of the responses she received when she mentioned to others that she had lost it.

So on Sunday the 19th, she set off for work, and I set off for Church. My phone rang during the middle of the service, but it was on silent so I ignored the vibration. So imagine my shock when my husband picked me up from Church and said someone just rang him to say that they had found our daughter’s phone. I honestly thought he was joking. But then he showed me the details of the contact address where we needed to go and collect it.

We arrived at an address in Bickley, nr Bromley to meet the honest, decent lady who had found the phone. Words could not express our gratitude. And the best thing of all, is that she was so humble she did not want any pomp or praise. She simply said, there was no question in her mind that she would return it. In fact, she said she picked it up because she knew that someone else might not have returned it, but she knew in her heart that she would.

We thank her so much and may she continue to walk in truth and honesty!

Cay Moore

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Your Brand: does it make your customers sing your praise?

One of the fundamentals of networking and social media, is that people should be talking about you even when you are not around i.e. your name should precede you. Your brand and everything about it should be so compelling that your audience, client, customer feel the need to talk about you to their contacts and so on.

A recent article featured on the Fresh Business Thinking website entitled “Let your Customers Do Your PR for you” stressed this very point.

Never underestimate the power of your customers as part of your marketing mix. Take the case in question, shoemakers Clarks, the 130 year family owned shoe business based in Earlier this year, they saw sales for their shoes soar in Jamaica, after a popular Jamaican entertainer, decided to sing a song about their shoes.

So what’s the story? Well the entertainer is an ardent supporter of Clarks shoes. He loves Clarks Shoes, in fact he claims to own no less than 50 pairs of the shoes, mostly the Original design (Desert, Wallabee) but in different colours. Last summer he decided to sing a song about his love for Clarke’s shoes. Extracts from the Lyrics include:

  • “everybody hafi ask whe mi get mi Clarks (everyone asks him where he gets his Clarks)
  • Mi no love crepe, Clarks me prefer (he doesn’t love canvass he prefers Clarks)”
  • Di leather hard (The leather is good quality)
  • Di suede soft (the suede is soft)

And so he goes on in the song extolling the virtues of the Clarks shoes. What an excellent piece of free marketing for Clarks!

What makes this story so compelling, is that the two parties are poles apart, literally. The owners of Clarks would not have a clue who this person is (although allow me to say that he is an international star whose music, albeit mostly X-rated has a strong following all over the world for that genre). The immediate response in Jamaica and on the dance hall seen in America and the UK (as confirmed by Clarks themselves) has been a noticeable rise in the sale of these shoes.

This story demonstrates the importance of having a strong brand. Your brand and everything about it should be so compelling that your audience, client, customer talk about it to their friends and contacts.

Clarks have had a strong following in Jamaica for its products for many years, built on a reputation of superior quality and immaculate designs. They were not always the trendiest or the cheapest, but they had a type of allure that appealed to the “wealthy and posh”. If you weren’t wearing a pair of Clarks, it would be because you can’t afford it.

And how do you build such a strong brand?

  • It doesn’t happen overnight (after all Clarks has been around for over 100 years).
  • Quality matters, provide a consistently high quality product or service and you will always have a following that will be a solid part of your marketing mix through referrals and recommendations.
  • Be consistent with your brand – over the years Clarks have not really deviated from their original concept.
  • Find your niche, focus on your niche and you will have longevity.
  • Embrace online social networking; it is fast becoming the biggest marketing tool.

And as for the Jamaican entertainer, well apparently he has not received any money from Clarks for his marketing but then he has enough money of his own. A shrewd businessman himself, he is set to launch his own line of shoes.






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Big Business Breakfast

When you are self-employed, networking is a very important part of your business psyche.  I find that going out and meeting like-minded people invigorates me and validates all my blood, sweat and tears, something that family and friends are not always able to do.

So on Friday the 19th November, I went to the ‘Big Business Breakfast’ organised by Enterprise Nation as part of Global Enterprise Week.  Apart from meeting San (the face of and Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation the morning was really productive. The line-up included the following speakers listed below, and I will feedback on Torsten and John Hayes’ presentation:

  • James Caan, TV ‘Dragon’ and Entrepreneur
  • Torsten Schuppe, UK Marketing Director, Google
  • Dan Wagner, Founder of
  • John Hayes, Minister of Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning

Torsten gave us an overview of Google’s collaborative drive with BT, E-Skills UK and Enterprise UK to get British Businesses online with a presentation entitled ‘How to get online in 20 minutes’.

The gist?

  • 1.8 billion people worldwide, use the internet
  • 1.5 million businesses still not online
  • Face Book alone has 500 million users
  • 65% of people online are over the age of 35
  • Google aims to get 100,000 businesses online by the end of this year
  • There is interaction between all the various types of communication for example, people listen to the radio/watch television whilst they are working on their laptop
  • UK leads the way with 41 million people online
  • UK spend more per person on online purchases than anywhere else in the world including United States
  • 90% of people moving house lists broadband access as a prerequisite, or something that they must have within a month of moving house
  • 50% of new internet is accessed through mobile phone, in particular through smart phones
  • Internet is worth £100 billion pounds to the UK economy
  • Consumers and businesses expect to find a business online
  • Businesses that have an internet presence are four times more successful.

What are some of the benefits of having an internet presence:

  • You get found more easily
  • You can enter new markets
  • You can sell directly to customers
  • Customers like the convenience of being able to surf at their leisure
  • You can reach and exploit niche markets

Case study of businesses that have benefited from having an internet presence include:

UK Tights

Wiggly Wigglers

How do you get your business online?

Log on to this link for your free website.

John Hayes, Minister of Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning

John Hayes spoke about the Government’s strategy for raising the profile of vocational and other practical skills.  This is particularly relevant for IT skills where all the statistics show that in the next five years more than half a million skilled people will be needed to support the IT sector.

The fact that there are still over a million businesses in the UK without a website does not augur well for competition in a growing IT sector.

The strategy aims to:

  • develop a sectoral approach to training
  • put employers in the driving seat in terms of the type of training that is provided
  • carry out robust quality control on training providers

To support the strategy, there will be a ‘growth and innovation’ fund for eligible businesses

Emma Jones  (Founder, Enterprise Nation)

Emma wrapped up the event with an introduction to her book go Global.  Both her and San were kind enough to autograph a copy of the book for me. 

I have had a quick glance at the book and it should be a must read for anyone who wants to go global with their business.

Some useful resources mentioned at the meeting:

Thanks for reading.

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Is a Contract worth the paper it is written on?

There has been a lot of talk about contracts in the news lately particularly in the world of football. That’s nothing new, after all, I have in the recent past talked about contracting issues surrounding the said Wayne Rooney in a previous blog.

So, in a week when we saw Gordon Strachan tear his contract up and walk away from the Manager’s job at Middlesborough Football club and Wayne Rooney refusing to sign a new contract at Manchester United, we at Cay Moore Associates are asking the question “is a contract worth the paper it is written on?”

The Encarta dictionary UK version defines a contract as “a formal or legally binding agreement, e.g. one for the sale of property, or one setting out terms of employment”. But what does this definition really mean, and why in spite of this definition, can parties disregard their contracts without seemingly too much repercussions?

A more detailed definition of contract at defines a contract as:

  • an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities
  • in which there is a promise to do something
  • in return for a valuable benefit known as consideration

The existence of a contract is evidenced by the following factors:

  • an offer;
  • an acceptance of that offer which results in a meeting of the minds;
  • a promise to perform;
  • a valuable consideration (which can be a promise or payment in some form);
  • a time or event when performance must be made (meet commitments);
  • terms and conditions for performance, including fulfilling promises;
  • performance.

Contracts, terms of reference, agreements whatever name is given to the process, has always been at the heart of most business relationship. Indeed, in days gone by, businesses used to ‘contract’ on the gentleman’s handshake. The parties would discuss and agree terms and literally shook hands and the deal would be done. It is interesting to note that people did actually honour their words then much more than they do now. Could this be because they had better working relationships then?

So, what is the essence of the contract in this scenario?

Wayne, you play for Manchester United, scoring millions of goals every season, and in return Manchester United will pay you millions of pounds every season for playing for them. Well, that’s the simplistic view, because in the real world, the terms of these types of contracts will be quite detailed.

Furthermore, there would almost certainly be an option open to both parties to renew the contract. Wayne in refusing to enter into further contract negotiations with Manchester United is presumably exercising this option citing the following reasons:

  • “Manchester United lacks ambition in not signing star players to the club”
  • “It is all about winning trophies” and because of the lack of investment in star players and despite his best efforts (he was the Club’s highest scoring player last year) they haven’t been winning enough trophies.

But are these reasons enough for him to refuse to renew his contract with the club? Well, if these two things were indeed part of his personal contract with Manchester United, and if it can be proven that Manchester United has indeed reneged on these issues, then we could argue that he is not in breach of his contract.

But the word on the street is that there has been a falling out between Wayne and Sir Alex Ferguson. And this is the bit that interests me most, and which I would like to explore further as the whole world knows that no one messes with Sir Alex.

You see, increasingly, in business, it is all about the relationships between parties in businesses. Nurture your business relationships and contracts need not be such a thorny issue.  If we compare Rooney’s situation with that of Gordon Strachan of Middlesbrough Football club, we can deduce straight away that there must have been a very good relationship between the parties. They were both able to sit down, negotiate and settle their differences without reference to the contract! No news conferences! In today’s litigious world, that is truly remarkable.

This brings me to believe that the problems between Wayne and Manchester United might actually extend beyond the terms of their “contract” and may in fact be attributed to relationship issues.  Is there a power struggle between the parties?  If there is, who will win the PR battle in the end, but that is another story.

Notwithstanding contracts that would have been drawn up by some of the best lawyers in the country, the parties seemed to be heading for a stalemate. Rooney dug his heels in and Sir Alex insisted that Manchester United had done nothing wrong, and that Rooney should more or less stop being ungrateful. The odds were on as to where Rooney would be peddling his football come January 2011.

But before I could even finish writing the article, the situation changed and there was a complete turnaround. Rooney and Sir Alex were posing for the cameras because Rooney had just signed a new contract to stay at Manchester United for another 5 years. Hooray!

Now we will never know the full stories until the autobiographies are published, but I can guarantee that somewhere along the line there was a clandestine meeting between the parties where they kissed and made up. You see, at the end of the day, it is all about the relationships. Having a good relationship with your clients is worth far more than the paper that your contract is written on!

My question for you my readers is: what kind of relationship do you have with your clients, suppliers and contacts, is your contract worth the paper it is written on?

For more information on contract issues contact






Sources of information:
The Encarta dictionary UK

Image courtesy of

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